Must Visit: CoCo Sala in DC

This restaurant is what happened when three Indian-American entrepreneurs took my dream and turned it into a reality: ‘CoCo Sala‘ i.e. Coffee, Chocolate, & Cocktails Sala (“sala” is lounge in Italian). In short, I like to call it a dessert restaurant, mostly because everything in their menu includes chocolate in some way or form, including cocktails.

There are a variety of menus available throughout the day, and when I visited, I decided to try out the 3-course dessert menu (surprise, surprise). That’s right, appetizers, main dish and dessert: all of which were desserts. It might have changed now, but at that time, we had to pick a theme for our meal: the all-American dream (peanut butter, chocolates, oreos, marshmallows etc), Aztecs (i.e. chocolate desserts which use cinnamon, orange and spices), something Asian (clearly forgettable) and I’ve even forgotten what the last one was called, oops. I naturally chose the all-American dream since America’s basically my most dessert compatible nation. I did however, taste a bit of the Aztec menu every now and then as my fellow connoisseur had ordered that, and it tasted great as well.


One of the courses for the all-American dream theme

Despite having finely located my dream restaurant, I’m not sure whether their experimentation is a 100% successful or not. Chocolate-covered jalebis? Bad idea. Call me traditional, but jalebis need to be warm and syrupy, not cold and chocolatey. *flashback to eating jalebis from Hauz Khas market during childhood*

Badam milk & Chocolate jalebi

Another strange idea – chocolate covered bacon. Since I don’t eat bacon (yet), I can’t comment on it. I’m also interested in trying the French Toasts S’mores (what?). While I enjoy S’mores and French toast separately, I’m cautiously curious about what happens when you put them together.


French Toast S'mores

All in all, quite satisfying, and the next time I go, I would like to try more of their dessert-infused drinks (chocotinis do sound pretty amazing). Besides the food, I also love the ambiance at this place – with low lighting and red, black and brown colors, this sets the mood for a wonderful evening get-together. I’m pretty sure this is the sort of place I’d want to spend a birthday or an anniversary at. *hopes her boyfriend reads this blog*

Have you guys come across similar thematic restaurants? Bonus points to people if they tell me about similar restaurants! For more information, you can access their website at (I should get paid for doing this, hehe).


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