The Good, the Bad & the Fat: Deadly Desserts

Now I know that the underlying assumption of this blog is that people need to relax about their intake of calories and learn to appreciate the good things in life. However, as a warning, I’d like to point out the many desserts that are probably not worth appreciating, and offer some equally delicious alternatives to them!

1. Last year, The Daily Beast did an entire section on ‘Desserts that can kill you’. The laurel of the heaviest and most deadly dessert went to the Chocolate Chip Cookie Sundae at Applebee’s with a shocking 1,660 calories!

Applebee's Chocolate Chip Cookie Sundae - 1,660 calories

2. However, since Applebee’s isn’t really a restaurant that’s all over the world, I want to focus on one that is and which has desserts with well, pretty high, if not 1,660 calories. The guilty party in this case is McDonald’s (surprise, surprise), especially their McFlurry’s. A single McFlurry, either with M & Ms or Oreos, has a whopping 710 calories. So next time you’re getting a craving for that, think twice and just go home and put vanilla ice cream, milk & oreo cookies in a blender and you’d probably end up consuming something whose calorie count is half that of a McFlurry.

3. Another survey found that the Worst Supermarket Ice-Cream in this regard is Haagen Dazs Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice Cream, whose half a cup has a ridiculously high 360 calories and 11 grams of saturated fat! (A normal person should aim for no more than 16 grams of saturated fat per day). In the same vein, Starbucks’ Venti 2% Salted Caramel Signature Hot Chocolate is said to be the most dangerous hot chocolate that is out there with a crazy 760 calories and 22 grams of saturated fat (almost 50% more than one should consume per day).

However, this is no way should deter you from eating desserts that you didn’t make yourself. There are many desserts out there which are pretty healthy (well, at least, by dessert standards) and one such company is Ben & Jerry’s (yay!)  A serving of Ben & Jerry’s Half Baked Frozen Yogurt (i.e.Chocolate & Vanilla Frozen Yogurts with Fudgey Brownies & Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough) consists of just 190 calories, while an equal quantity of  Haagen Dazs Raspberry Sorbet consists of 120 calories.

For those who are into making their own desserts, some equally healthy options are these delicious Peanut Butter Banana Oatmeal Raisin Cookies  or these ‘Dark Dreams’,delicious butter (that’s been browned), cookies with almonds. Other pretty healthy desserts include fruit cobblers, with my personal favourite being Blackberry Cobbler.

Blackberry Cobbler



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