Sweet Treats and a Lake = Happiness

Whether it’s a cold winter day, or a hot summer evening, one place that seems to be inviting (despite the heat), is the option of having delicious food at Hauz Khas Village, New Delhi, followed by a walk around the Hauz Khas Lake. While a number of diverse restaurants have opened up here over the past few years, there are 2 that I particularly like for satisfying my sweet tooth – Flipside Cafe and Elma’s Bakery.

Flipside Cafe

7 Hauz Khas Village; +91 991 0173 873, (0) 11 2651 6341; open Wednesday-Monday 10:30 a.m.–9 p.m. 

Flipside Cafe

Selling 18 different kinds of crepes (http://flipsidecafe.in/pages/menu), this place not only offers a variety – it also offers a free cup of coffee (of your choice) with every crepe that you order. I was half-expecting the coffee to taste generic since it was free. But not only was it good, it was better than many of the coffees served in chain stores that operate in Delhi such as Cafe Coffee Day, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf and Costa Coffee. As for the crepes, I much prefer their sweet crepes to the savory ones, but that might be because of my inherent bias towards desserts.

Nutella Crepe with Whipped Cream @ Flipside Cafe, New Delhi
(Photo Courtesy: Debanjali Biswas)

Buy a crepe, get a coffee of your choice free @ Flipside Cafe
(Photo Courtesy: Debanjali Biswas)

Elma’s Bakery

24/1 Hauz Khas Village, +91 (0)11 2652 1022; open Monday-Thursday 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.Friday-Sunday 9 a.m.- 8 p.m

In sharp contrast to the ambience of Flipside, whose red walls and wooden furniture might get claustrophobic for some after a while, Elma’s has a more relaxed and calming ambience. A feature in the Wall Street Journal India blog described it as:

“With its flower-print curtains, ivory-handled silverware and crochet patterns, stepping into Elma’s Bakery takes you somewhere between a teahouse in rural England and a French patisserie.” 

Elma’s Bakery, Hauz Khas Village, New Delhi
(Photo Source: http://mademoisellechou-fleur.blogspot.in/2011/08/elmas-bakery-cakes-and-tea-room.html)

Their main specialty drinks include various kinds of tea, thought what struck me as great was their Cold Coffee (which was apparently different from their Iced Coffee). Priced at just Rs. 100, it was much better than any other iced or cold coffee I ever have outside, and was thick, creamy and frothy – just the way a cold glass of coffee should be on a warm evening.

They have a number of breads as well, and this blogger is in favor of trying out the chocolate bread, and the bacon and sausage loaves.

My favorite part of their menu though, was their wide selection of cakes. With the exception of the Lemon Meringue Pie and the Red Velvet Cake (which are both really great I hear, from friends who’ve already been there), all other kinds of cake were pretty reasonably priced between Rs. 100 to Rs. 200 per slice. They supposedly have glutten-free and vegan desserts as well, though I didn’t spot any, but perhaps I might have missed the likes of glutten-free Zucchini Bread in the breads section, given how engrossed I was in the cakes section.

Red Velvet Cake @ Elma’s Bakery, New Delhi
(Photo source: http://www.honeywhatscooking.com/2012/02/glimpse-of-new-delhi.html)

The Cookies and Cream Cake (if it might be called a cake, at all) was a big success for me – it seemed more like a cheesecake to me, and the Oreo crust was perfect. A slice is quite filling though, so you might want to split it with someone else, while the other person gets a lighter cake. The Apple Walnut Cake was another winner, which now makes me want to try the Apple Cinnamon Cake and the Apple Pie as well.

Cookies and Cream @ Elma’s, New Delhi

Having stuffed yourself with some delicious desserts, you might want to work some of the calories off by taking a walk around the Hauz Khas Lake, if the weather permits.

Hauz Khas Lake

However, I wouldn’t agree with sign below since I hate ducks. Ducks are evil.

So what’s your favorite restaurant in Hauz Khas Village?


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