Easy Summer Pita

Besides mangoes, tomatoes, fresh basil and berries, my other summer favorite is avocadoes! (Do I just have way too many favorite summer foods that it’s become pointless to have a list of favorite summer foods? Maybe) This easy pita can be whipped up in 5-10 minutes and is really healthy and filling! Feel free to experiment by adding other things like feta cheese, other kinds of hummus and so on.

This recipe creates 2 servings (1 pita per serving) – recipe idea from Will Nomikos


2/3 cup red onions, chopped

1 small avocado, chopped

1 cup cucumber, chopped

1 cup hummus (I used classic chickpea hummus, but feel free to experiment)

1 cup tomatoes, cored and sliced (I used tomatoes on the vine)

2 whole wheat pitas

1 cup lettuce, chopped


1. Take a pita and slice it from the middle to create a pocket or just 2 separate halves to get 2 slices

2. Spread hummus on both sides of the pita

3. Put the onions, tomatoes, cucumbers, avocado and lettuce on one side of the pita

1. Take the pita 2. Spread the hummus 3. Fill with veggies

4. Put the other slice of the pita back on and your meal is ready!

Put the other half of the pita back on and your pita sandwich is ready!


3 thoughts on “Easy Summer Pita

  1. model3volution says:

    Made this for my wife today…she’s never had hummus! She was skeptical but in the end it got me out of the doghouse and into her good graces after I used all the hot water in the shower 😀 Thanks for the delicious recipe!

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