Best Brunch in New Haven

The Pantry in New Haven seems straight out of an episode of Food Network’s Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives. Tucked away in a corner off of State Street, this treasure is hard to miss on weekends, given the long lines outside the door. After a standard 20-25 minute wait, you walk in but don’t have much time to admire either the jazz posters on the wall or the jazz music playing in the background (one of the 2 owners, Art, is an avid jazz fan) – service is quick and patrons normally rattle off their favorites.

The portions are always generous. All the omelets are made with three eggs (try the spinach and feta) and are served with toast and home fries. Pancakes can be ordered as a stack of three, in either large or small. I personally find it impossible to finish a stack of large pancakes in one sitting, and my favorite ones are banana pancakes, and the cinnamon roll pancakes with cream cheese frosting. Their ‘fancy fresh toast’ is also made with thicker bread and has a light and fluffy texture. However, since it is also thicker, it is best had with some of their in-house maple syrup, which is served on the side for an extra $2, a cost well worth it considering its superior taste over the generic syrup lying on the tables.

Cinnamon Roll Pancakes with Cream Cheese Frosting


French toast with Sausage


My surprising favorite were their home fries – they were well seasoned and topped with green onions. Not too salty, not burnt at all and ever so consistent in their deliciousness. The eggs benedict are also highly recommended, and their version of California Benedict substitutes Canadian bacon with fresh tomatoes and avocado.

California Benedict – English muffins topped with grilled tomatoes and avocado, served with home fries and fresh fruit

Prices are reasonable, and it’s possible to get coffee, juice, a main dish and a side in just $15. However, they only take cash, so be prepared. So the next time you’re looking for a delicious brunch in the area, check out The Pantry at 2 Mechanic St  New Haven, (203) 787-0392

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